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Welcome to the Nando’s Chicken Staff Regulations!

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Listed below are the rules & regulations you are required to follow as a member of staff at Nando’s Chicken. These should be followed at all times when working in our establishment.

[No. 01] Maintain a mature and respectful attitude towards everybody in the community
We expect you to be considerate and inclusive towards everybody including both staff and customers.

Failure to follow this rule will result in a warning followed by removal from the staff team if the behaviour continues.

[No. 02] Your uniform and name badge must be visible at all times when working.
If you are found wearing items that cover this, you will be asked to remove them.

Refusing to remove these items will result in a warning followed by removal from the staff team if continuing this behaviour.

[No. 03] Always follow orders given to you by an executive or rank higher than yourself.
Executives and any rank higher than your own have a duty to ensure you are performing your job correctly. Follow orders given to you to the best of your ability & ask if you need any help.

You will only be told twice to follow an order. Failure to do so will result in a demotion.

[No. 04] Basic grammar is required in professional scenarios.
Staff should maintain basic grammar when performing your duties or discussing a group related matter. Casual discussion does not require grammar.

Failure to use grammar after being reminded multiple times will result in demotion or removal.

[No. 05] You should only communicate in english.
This is because we are a group based in the United Kingdom and the vast majority of our staff & customers speak only or primarily in english.

If you continuously communicate in other languages or are clearly unable to use english, you will be removed from the staff team.

[No. 06] Follow the order limits at all times when making use of our systems.
Our order limit for customers is 5 items per order per person. This means orders of more than 5 items should not be made & a person cannot order more than 5 items at any one time.

If you are deemed to be spamming orders or deliberately creating large orders to overflow the kitchen, you will be immediately removed from the staff team.

[No. 07] Perform only your assigned duties at all times.
You should not be taking on the job of another role. Waiters should not be cooking food & chefs should not be serving customers. Staff Assistant+ are allowed to cover both waiter & chef roles.

If you are caught carrying out the role of a different job, you will be warned then removed from your role if caught doing so again.

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