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Welcome to the Nando’s Chicken Staff Regulations!

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Listed below are the rules & regulations you are required to follow as a member of staff at Nando’s Chicken. These should be followed at all times when working in our establishment.


Maintain a mature and respectful attitude towards everybody visiting and working at Nando’s. We expect you to be considerate and inclusive towards everybody including both staff and customers.


Your uniform and name badge must be visible at all times when working.
If you are found wearing items that cover this, you will be asked to remove them. If you refuse you will be punished.


Always follow orders given to you by an executive or rank higher than yourself.
Executives and any rank higher than your own have a duty to ensure you are performing your job correctly. Be respectful if you are asked to do something and follow the order to the best of your ability. If you need help, simply ask.


Basic grammar is required when working at Nando’s Chicken.
Be sure to always message whilst remembering full stops, capital letters, apostrophes and appropriate word choices. This allows everybody to understand you as easily as they possibly can.


You should only communicate in english.
This is because we are a group based in the United Kingdom and the vast majority of our staff & customers speak only or primarily in english.


Follow the order limits at all times when making use of our systems.
Orders should be limited to 5 items per receipt at any given table. You may ask the customers if they would like to order more food once the food has been served to them.

Orders should not be spammed repeatedly in an attempt to overflow the kitchen. Suspected spamming or creating fake orders will result in punishment


Perform only your assigned duties at all times.
You should not be taking on the job of another role. Waiters should not be cooking food & chefs should not be serving customers. Staff Assistant+ are allowed to cover both waiter & chef roles.

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