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This document contains all useful information regarding the guidelines and regulations of Nando’s high ranking members – Shift Managers and above.

- Section 1: Shift Managers

Shift Managers are in charge of the entire restaurant during a specific shift.
They are to handle trollers, complaints, kitchen, counter, waiters, employees, interruptions, questions and be helpful in general.


Trollers are common within groups like this, hence why we gave Shift Managers moderation powers. If a troller is found, they are to be warned, and next kicked. We do not tolerate the act of trolling as it is strictly forbidden, embarrassing and ridiculous. There will be no second warnings to any trollers.


Customer complaints are to be taken seriously. If a customer’s food hasn’t arrived in a long time, the shift manager is to check if everything is running smoothly in the kitchen. If the order was missed/forgotten, the shift manager is able to go to the counter computer and click View Orders > Table Number > Reprint Order to get it printed again in the kitchen. If customers are unsatisfied with the service, the shift manager is to take notes of their review and pass it on to the management.


Shift Managers have authority over all employees in the restaurant. If one is slacking their job, they are to be warned, and they reported to the management. Shift Managers are to wander about the kitchen, counter, and main seating area to ensure all operations are functioning normally.


Shift Managers should be helpful and friendly to any customer and employee. It is highly recommended to wander about the tables in the seating area asking if everything’s fine.

- Section 2: Management+

Managers+ host trainings, appoint lead employees and shift managers (the latter, only senior management+), handle staff complaints, and deal with all pressing Company matters.


Trainings are the most important duty of the management. They are to be hosted daily, following the Training Regulations in place.

Appointing Lead Employees

Whilst having common sense and basic judgment skills, management members are to appoint Lead Employees (security/waiter/chef). They are to be the finest employees of all, knowing 100% of their duties and able to follow simple rules. Lead Employees may assist at trainings.

Staff Complaints

All staff complaints are to be taken seriously. They are disturbing and should be dealt with immediately. If one is slacking their job or found breaking the rules, they are to be demoted to Awaiting Training and to be retrained.

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