Nano Plex Administration Handbook

This is the official handbook for NPAD (Nano Plex Administration Department)
Any questions please ask an Executive.


Standard Rules and Training Rules do not apply to HR’s+

Standard Rules
  1. Always respect higher ranks than you.
  2. Do not treat lower ranks as less important than you.
  3. If you are off duty type !setgroup NP , to set your ranktag to Nano Plex.
  4. If on duty , you must be wearing at least 1 item of uniform.
  5. Do not interfere with visitors.
  6. If you have a weapon , do not use it for no reason.
Training Rules
  1. Follow all orders from the trainer.
  2. Do not crowd around an Executive if they join or are hosting the training.
  3. Do not ask for TA. The trainer will choose their TA how they want to pick.
  4. Apps can be docked for many reasons , if you feel you were treated unfairly , speak to the trainer.
  5. If PTS is active , speaking will result in a kick if you do not say “PTS”
    Following rules are for TA
  6. Do not shoot Trainees for no reason/unfairly.
  7. Follow the trainer’s orders.
  8. Answer any questions the trainees have for you
Hosting Rules
  1. Trainings must stay at 2 hours maximum.
  2. Do not treat people unfairly.
  3. If you cannot balance teams on a TDM , either you or your TA will have to balance.
  4. Do not abuse your admin.
  5. Only pick Trooper+ as TA.
  6. Promotions MUST be done , no excuses.
  7. Do not over use one event
  8. Custom events must be balanced.
Admin Rules
  1. Do not treat nonadmins like they are lesser than you.
  2. Do not misuse commands , restrictions will be tightened if misused.
  3. Do not treat people unfairly.
  4. Admin abuse is an instant 4 strikes and a ban from NPAD Training Complex
  5. This is a privelige , not a right. Treat it as such.

NPAD Ranks:

EX - Head Of Administration

Owns NPAD.

EX - Secretary

Manages the group.
How to obtain: Be chosen by the Head Of Administration.

HR - Commander

Can host trainings and exile users.
How to obtain: Submit a HR Application and apply for Commander // Be promoted from Trainer

HR - Trainer

Can host trainings.
How to obtain: Be promoted from Recruitment Team // Submit a HR Application and apply for Trainer

Recruitment Team

Recruits members into the group
How to obtain: Be promoted from Senior Officer

Senior Officer

Final rank obtainable with Apps
How to obtain: Reach 350 Apps

Tier 6 Officer

The Sixth Officer Tier
How to Obtain: Be at 250 Apps

Tier 5 Officer

The Fifth Officer Tier
How to obtain: Be at 200 Apps

Tier 4 Officer

The Fourth Officer Tier
How to obtain: Be at 150 Apps

Tier 3 Officer

The Third Officer Tier
How to obtain: Be at 125 Apps

Tier 2 Officer

The Second Officer Tier
How To Obtain: Be At 75 Apps

Tier 1 Officer

The First Officer Tier
How to obtain: Be at 40 Apps


The first of many office ranks
How to obtain: Be at 20 Apps

NPAD Firing Policy

Hacking/Exploiting/Glitching in any way is an instant 5 strikes , with little chance of appeal being accepted

1 Strike - Put on watch by HR’S
2 Strikes - Demoted to Trainee
3 Strikes - Removed from group. Can Return in 1 month.
4 Strikes - Banned from group.
5 Strikes - Banned from all Nano Plex games.

Anyone With 2 Or More Strikes Can Not Enter a HR Position.

Note: 3 Discord warnings = +1 Strikes.

How To:

Rank Up

Attend trainings , which are hosted here randomly:
NPAD Training Complex - Roblox

To get an instant pass to HR , submit an application here , and it’ll be reviewed
Application Centre - Roblox

Go on/off Duty

To go on duty:
Wear at least 1 piece of uniform and type !setgroup NP

To Go Off Duty:
Type !setgroup NP/NPSD/NPCB/NPEX

Handle a death warrant.

A Senior Officer+ can give the order to all other (lower ranking) administration members in-game , to kill a certain player on sight.

If this feature is misused the user/s in question will be demoted.

Any changes to this document at anytime will be announced and completely justified.