Napoleonic Farmstead

What do y’all think of my Napoleonic Farmstead?


It looks amazing. I like the sunrayss make’s the photo look a lot better.

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Thank you, anyways changed it a little.


you did the lighting in a good fashion, however you should give more popping out to your build, give it outlines to make it stand out more, darker wooden/woodenplanks would do the job, it’ll add a lot to your build



Will change a little bit and see how it looks


Wow! You seem very talented! I am currently looking for a napoleonic builder and you caught my eye. Are you available for a commision? Please let me know.

Best Regards

Definetely, my discord is iamnotcharlie#2710 :slight_smile:

Says it failed. Here is mine: CommanderRico#6476

Thanks for responding! :slightly_smiling_face:

I will add you tomorrow when I have time as I completely forgot to today.

Ah my new username is Charlie by the way.

It looks wonderful, you’ve got a great sun angle as well which adds great lighting and your Napoleonic Farmstead looks amazing. :+1:t3:

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I’ve got no clue if you’re still doing commissions for building, but would you mind if I hire you for my Napoleonic-themed game?

I am still doing commissions, and my napoleonic builds have since gotten much better, if you wish to contact me my discord is charIie#2710
(I should have added your account)