Narration System | Scripting Creation

I just made this Narration System for my recent game. Nothing pretty much to say.
You can give feedback on it. Just wanna showcase it.

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I think you should allow the player to click to see the next message instead of it automatically changing. It would let the player read things either slower or faster depending on what they are comfortable with. This might be bad for your genre of game though idk.

Also, the UI gradient going from bottom to top makes it somewhat hard to read. I think a simple color with no transparent would look better, but UI is very opinion based.

Looks great. :slight_smile:

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I would standardize the size of the font rather than having it scale automatically. As the typewriter effect adds more characters and the whole string starts shrinking it becomes harder to track. Eyes should scan left → right rather than diagonally

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Alright thanks and I will try to take your advice and fix it up abit on ui