NASA Space Shuttle Simulations

[UPDATES] NASA Space Shuttle Simulations

Welcome back!

Recently just completed STS-35 and are moving forward to STS-37. We’ve made several visual and graphical updates to our shuttle as well as launch area and continue to strive to bring the absolute best simulation of the shuttle program to Roblox.

About Us

It is our mission to recreate and perform the most realistic Space Shuttle missions by reaching the limitations of Roblox. With the goal of reenacting all one hundred and thirty-five Space Shuttle missions, we strive for excellency everyday. By becoming an member of either Ground Crew or joining the elite ranks of the Astronaut Program, those interested in taking part in the group will find an experience like no other. We follow real life checklists and protocols to simulate each mission as accurately as possible. We spent countless hours researching shuttle systems and ground operations manuals to ensure proper execution.

  • Ground Crew
    - Closeout Crew
    - Final Inspection Team
    - Landing Convoy
    - Payload Handlers
    - Security/Fire/Medical

  • Astronaut Corps
    - Several mission roles (Commander, Pilot, Mission Specialist, Engineer, Payload Specialist)
    - Actual mission panels for critical systems (shown below)
    - Legitimate and true to life astronaut training at JSC and NBL.


  • FlightVector (Primary Coder, Secondary builder, Primary 3D Modeler)
  • pilotjc (Special Effects, Visuals, Earth Effects,Secondary coder)
  • MelonMan00 (Primary Builder)
  • FutureCider (Secondary Builder)
  • MR_H0PPE (GFX)
  • Yukisoru (Tertiary Builder/Coder)
  • JagdKommandant (3D Modeler)
  • Cosell2013 (Media)

Showcase STS-31 (Hubble Deployment) Video:

Future Updates

  • Improved SRB Separation/Effects
  • Payload Installment Operations (transport payload to the pad, load in RSS, and install in payload bay)
  • Updated Cockpit/middeck

Official Group:

None of the pictures below have any after effects. They are all direct screenshots/gifs from Roblox.

Astronaut Corps Pictures

Ground Operations Pictures

General Pictures

Picture8 Picture16


Amazing building, really nice job!


your building skills god tier, this is looks so epic


Me respects Neil Armstrong for being the first person to walk on the moon on July 20, 1969. This is a godlike build!! Outstanding effort my friend!


We try the best we can. We don’t leave anything untouched to reach the ultimate visual display.

This is pretty awesome! You nailed the environment within many of the different scenes presented, from the complex builds to the lighting, along with the clusters of individuals at work/in training. Hope to see more of these in the future c:

Woah! This is next level! I love how you made the re entry effect. How’d you do that?

It’s a meshpart that follows the contours of the shuttle. Working on doing a more realistic plasma effect but this is the best we have right now.

Nice! I’ve tried recreating it with some particle emmiters, but overall it looks bad :sweat_smile: But Hey! I love this overall! Might check it out after I finish on my space game as well.

Ah but does your space centre abide by social distancing?


Stunning, great job and I would definitely check this out.

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Lol but pls do it doesn’t means the table is like that you shouldn’t follow social distance DO IT(30 chars)

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Haha unfortunately not. Love the joke and support.


WOW! That looks awesome! Nice work!

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Thanks. We constantly strive to be the best.

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ya boi tryna make the earth effect better every time


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Great job building, also thanks for all the detail in this post.

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hears star trek music in the distance… space… the final frontier…


You can only go so far mannnnn

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If they had 4k res it would look sickk

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