Natural disaster survival destruction

How would I go about creating building destruction similar to Natural Disaster Survival?

I know that I would have to use high part count buildings, and I’ve tried welding all the parts in a building to a single part and destroying those welds when certain parts collided with each other, but that resulted in some parts floating. What are some better ways to go about making building destruction?


You should try welding them and then destroying the welds but also at the same time make it so the parts can collide with everything but each other using collision groups.

There is no magic way to do building destruction. You will have to do this manually.
You can first use an external tool like Blender to create a 3D model for the building. Then use a model importer to create the building in Roblox.
Then you will have to create a game state system in your game that remembers the current state of the building and which parts were destroyed and which were not.
You can use the Part.Anchored property to keep track of what parts are destroyed.

Not sure where you all are getting these weird ideas with welding to a single part, collision groups, blender meshes… destruction has been one of roblox’s main gimmicks since 2006.

You can make buildings out of regular welded & unanchored Parts, and break their joints.
Explosions will automatically break joints, but you can do it yourself with Part:BreakJoints().

E.g. to implement lightning you could have a raycast from a random point in the sky, then make an explosion where the ray hits the ground, the bolt is just a visual effect.
For a tsunami you could have a part slowly moving across and have a script something like this:

    if p:IsA("BasePart") then

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