Natural UI Login page

Hey guys, I have recently made this nature-themed UI, tell me how it looks. Feedback is always appreciated!

Note Terrible quality, yes, I know. Also, this is not a scam in any way, just a practice.


You should add some black background behind the password and gmail textbox, it is kinda hard to read the text. Other than that it looks good.

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Having the picture directly behind the email and password boxes make it hard to see. Add like a gray, rounded box behind what the user needs to see, maybe make it gradient and a bit transparent.

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Hi Bro,

Excellent work, just a few adjustments I suggest you should make.

Put more distance between the sign-in button and the “forgot your password” or you can place forgot password in the bottom center of the screen with a good distance from the edge, give it a different color as a secondary CTA or call to action button.

Create a tint color above your nature background since you are using white on text and user fields, or as GalaxyGourmet said put a box behind the user fields.

A checkbox option “Remember my email” for a better user experience.

Have Fun Bro :relaxed: