Navigating the Vector3int16 documentation through sidepanel causes crash

Repro steps:

Expected behaviour:

  • Navigating to documentation pages through the side-bar should function correctly and display the documentation of the selected API

Actual behaviour:

The website gives an error message upon navigating to the Vector3int16 documentation.

Pictures of the error messages displayed in the console (Ctrl+Shift+I):

First experienced: 8th of May, 2023 @ 8:53 CST
Last experienced: 8th of May, 2023 @ 8:53 CST
Frequency: ALWAYS
Workaround: Refreshing the page or copy-pasting the URL into a new tab fixes the issue.

This bug also occurs when logged in and while in Chrome Incognito (logged out).

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We’ve identified the problem and filed a ticket to our internal database for this issue!

Thanks for the report!


This bug still occurs, but has changed slightly; It now just shows a blank white screen with no error message:

Hello @Judgy_Oreo! Can you confirm if you’re still experiencing this issue? If so, what browser are you using?


This bug appears to have been fixed!

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