Navigation and Play Buttons Covered by Android Navigation

In the new Android Q, which is still in public beta, the Android navigation bar is open by default in all apps to make it easy to swipe between open apps. However, in the Roblox app, it causes a lot of issues. The app becomes completely unusable as there is no way to switch between pages as the navigation bar at the bottom is covered. In addition, on the new game details page, the play and more button are mostly covered too.

Model: Pixel 3
Android Version: Q (10 beta build - phase 2)
Security Patch Level: April 5, 2019


Edit: I found a possible solution on an external forum

In that command you can exclude the apps you want the navigation bar to show on.
If you’re not familiar with ADB (Android Debug Bridge) you can message me, I’d be glad to help.

I’m not familiar to Pixel phones but doesn’t Android provide you with an option to disable the virtual nav bar?

Although it’s possible for me to disable it with a command, that is only a short term fix for me and nobody else.

This bug needs to be addressed and fixed by the mobile engineers before Android Q deploys publicly later this year.

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Forgot to update this thread, but the bug has been fixed.