Navigation mesh No where to be found

I’ve looked everywhere on this map i made and i can not find any navigation mesh for the game. I’ve tried looking everywhere and i cant find it. I’ve looked at my other places and yet i found nothing. Is there a way to “Reset nav mesh” if so. Please tell me!

Would you please try a google search for “roblox nav mesh” and see if any of the hits give you some more information about nav meshes.

Do you have any humanoids in Folders instead of Models or directly under Workspace? Do you have any parts far away from the map?

Close the settings with it turned on.

It should render it when the settings prompt is closed out. If not, there’s a bug present in Studio.

Turns out the Navigation mesh was nowhere to be found cause there was a part 3000 studs below the map. Deleted it and reset studio and nav mesh was here.