NavMesh not calculating efficiently

When jumping from heights, the pathfinding seems to calculate NoPath. This only happens if the humanoid wouldn’t be able to jump back. Still don’t understand me? Here’s an example:
The goal is denoted by the red part.
You can see the taller part doesn’t link to the lower part. If there’s a gap of 1 stud or wider, the pathfinding fails to calculate.
At gaps lower than 1 stud it works well.

Is there any fix for this? Or is it time to write my own pathfinding?
Any help would be appreciated!

A yes PathFinding, one of the most useful tools that never works a 100%.

I recommend if there is no path, using MoveTo() to attempt to get to the unreachable position. Using this combo seems to fix most of the issues.

Some useful tips;

  • Make the PathFindee jump and then move towards the goal?
  • RayCasting to see if the Goal is in sight

No no no. It’s all about CFraming, and body velocities. That’s how we move NPC’s the old school way. All slingshot around the map, none of this new age finnesse nonsense. I am joking of course. The previous answer is what I’d probably say as well.