Navmesh visualization appears to be broken


I’ve got this very very simple layout here, should be no big deal for pathfinding navmesh, but it’s creating slopes even out of flat ground. And the jump indicators seem strange too. Definitely a far throw from screenshots shown in the wiki

Here’s a repro place
Navmesh-Repro.rbxl (15.4 KB)

And then I’m turning on the visualization in Settings > Studio > Visualization > Show Navigation Mesh


I remember making a teleporting AI and it stayed with the purple navmesh indicator and not the actual ground and ended up in the ground or floating from time to time (when anchored of course) so it could be something with the navmesh itself


To save memory, we simplify the nav-mesh (by removing small triangles, merging those that are co-planar, etc), and that often produces artifacts like the ones you mention.
We also compute the navmesh at a lower resolution than the input geometry, it is not a 1:1 representation of the world.

But it should be good enough in most cases and not affect the quality of the returned paths.
Let me know if you find cases where this leads to bad results.


Don’t mean to bump, but I feel like this is still relevant to the issue at hand.

If you use wedges + corners in unison with parts, the nav-mesh oversimplifies often - making the paths considered impossible.