NCP controlled by player with no Humanoid

I want to achieve a NCP with out a humanoid that can be controlled by the player

My issue/question is how do I make it walk if it doesn’t have a humanoid

I have tried tweening with animation but don’t think that is the path I should take

Pls give me a way to go about solving this problem
Problem solved

The easiest way to go about this is by removing the normal character walk controls, changing the camera and making your own custom controller with the use of body velocities, vector forces or just CFraming.

You can go about this by simply creating a camera script via a renderstepped event if you want to customize it (only use this event for the camera as it can be pretty hefty resource-wise on anything else) and then assign W to a positive velocity, S to a negative velocity, etc. If you’re smart about it, you could easily make diagonal by just changing the bodyVelocities force, i.e W pushed gives,0,-5) (-5 would be forward I think)