Neat little window

Haven’t posted on here in a while so here’s a cute little window I made.


For a low poly build, that is a neat little window


Make the brick work, actually brick work instead of being randomly placed blocks evenly spaced out across the wall.
Apart from that the window it’s self looks great.

The bricks having a randomized pattern to them was more intentional than being lazy since I feel it gives the background more life then just the exact same places, with a 5 x 7

Have you ever seen brick work in real life?
Each layer is off by half the size of the one above so that it holds the walls weight better.

I’m not trying to go for accuracy, just tried to show that having them evenly spaced out, like you suggested wasn’t going to fit the build.

Maybe I misread what you’re trying to say, seeing as I am dyslexic its a possibility, but from my point of view you just said to have the bricks evenly spaced out.

“instead of being randomly placed blocks evenly spaced out across”

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Even spacing between the blocks

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