Neat Spongebob game

Right now it’s on the front page, but if you ever played any Spongebob games for PS2 or others, this brings back some nostalgia. The textures, sounds, and design of this game is amazing, I recommend trying it (especially if you have played a Spongebob game on another console). Even being incompleted, lots of players enjoy it. According to his username, we could see more of this soon :smiley:

EDIT: Just noticed that Dogon revealed himself to be the creator.

Mhm, I couldn’t get past the first level but it already brought back the feel of a Spongebob game on ps2 for me.

I had the same PS2 nostalgia. The atmosphere is perfect.

seems kind of buggy but it really does remind me of all those old spongebob games

he did a great job with all the assets

Pretty easy, beat it in 30 minutes (well, what was there).
Rare to see SpongeBob based games that are not copied AND are good.

The game is truly awesome, but it was sad to find the game unfinished at the grow-up ray. Still, thumbed up.