NEC_dev Builder/ Modeler prtfolio

About Me

Hi I am a builder and I am 15. I have been on Roblox for 5 years and have been building for 5 months
because I was wondering how Roblox games are made


Models/ small builds

Uploading: Screenshot 2021-04-28 143139.png…
Medium Builds

large Builds coming soon I have note made any big maps yet


I ca do 4 hours on school days and 7 on weekends I am open


Model 250
small build 1000
medium build 10k
large build 20-30k

My preferred payment method is robux, game passes


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Twitter at: NEC_dev coms open (@dev_nec) / Twitter

I hope to work with you soon ! :grinning: