Need a few game testers

Hello everyone,

I was hoping to get some feedback for a upcoming game im developing called Morph developed under my group StormForged Studios. Any advice or bugs found would be highly appreciated. You can join my discord through the games social link to let me know of any situations that come up. Please post under testers. I appreciate any help that is given.

Edit: thanks to everyone that tested. After some bugs tweeks and i find someone to help me make some dungeons ill do some more testing before launch.


Your experience looks pretty good so far!

The only things I’ve found to dislike is the clunky attacking, and the use of free-models that do not match the map’s style.

Other than that, I think you have a pretty big experience!

Thanks, i appreciate the feedback! And all the models are either purchased or i made, so no free models unless i bought those in vain.

I find the game pretty cool, Tho there’s some Issue’s I found so far. It would be cool if the intro camera could be a lot smoother because It really dose bothers me and could for some other people too and try to add a skip feature for that. I found other issue’s with the collisions with the enemies so just try to remove that.

Your game is amazing! I hope your game would be popular one day. :smile:

Thank you for the feedback! Ill work on the smooth and skip asap.

Thanks, im hoping it will be a fun experience.

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Well, there is a problem in your UI scaling and position for all devices it was confusing at beginning.