Need a front flip animation! [CLOSED]


I am looking for someone who’d be looking to make me a decent front flip animation!

I will pay you in Robux.
You will also be kept in my contacts so that whenever I need other animations I will come to you.

If interested, please leave details where I can contact you better and how much robux you want for the animation!


I would love to do this for you seam’s pretty easy, contact :slight_smile:

DISCORD: GrinchDeveloper#6312
Dm’s in Devloper forum

Hello! If this is open, please contact me at:

Scythe Slaying#5934

I would ask for 50 robux!

Sorry but it’s closed :frowning:

I’d like to thank this user : LunaticAxe - He doesn’t have devforum access yet but here’s what he has produced :

Feel free to hit him up on discord : Axel#5472


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