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Hi there!!! Were Green Valley Asylum, in need of someone who can build AND script a more small than medium map!!

About The Job

We are looking of someone who can build and script a map and know’s what their doing. What you need to script will be: Doors that open ONLY to specific keycards, a team selector with team spawns (When you spawn on a specific team you get specific stuff), a functional glock, lockpick and knife, and a raimbow nametag when you buy a secific gamepass and a basic detain system and a basic radio to communicate with other staff members. Here is what the map should be like (Team spawns need to be added)

Green=Stairs (The arrows are the way where its ment to be facing)
Red=Second Floor


  1. NO free models allowed at all
  2. I’ll pay half once i’ve seen the game has been built to my satisfaction, once i recive the build, i will pay the other half
  3. Must have past experience
  4. Scripting tutorials from youtube are allowed, but try to not get any
  5. It shuld be something simular to this game, DO NOT COPY THIS GAME: Arkham State Hospital - Roblox
  6. It has to have a thing called “Box” wich looks like this

  1. Everything MUST be mobile compatible
  2. You can change the map as you want, this is just a general refrence


The payment will be discussed via DM’s on discord or devforums!!

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via Discord at: Agentpig03#9887

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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