Need a Massless, Offset-Retaining Constraint That Allows Rotation

What are you attempting to achieve? (Keep it simple and clear)
I’m currently working on making some controller parts move on player inputs for my helicopter controller. because of how my controller works, i need the helicopter to be completely massless except for a part that i use as a center of mass.

The only problem is that when i first used HingeContraints, the controller part was not massless, even if it was set as massless in the properties, which caused my helicopter to be unbalanced.

So I tried using Welds and Motor6Ds since both did allow the controller part to be massless. But when I tried to set the weld, the controller part’s position would reset and would be placed on the center of the helicopter.

So I most recently tried using WeldConstraints, which both allowed the controller part to be massless and would keep its offset, but as it turns out, you can’t rotate a part that has been welded using WeldConstraints because it would also rotate the whole helicopter

So I’m asking to see if there’s a way to weld the controller part in a way that it allows it to be massless, doesn’t reset its offset, AND allows me to rotate just that part. Or if there’s a way to keep the offset while setting up a Weld or Motor6D.