Need a name idea

Assemble your team and defend against enemies. Your team consists of a Hero and an army. Additionally, players will also have the ability to attack, use special power-ups, and rest. This game is level-based and as players progress through the game, new Worlds can be unlocked, bringing more enemies, allies, features, and fun.!

Help me come up with a name idea!


World-Attack? The reason why I say this is because every world your going to be fighting enemies… Correct me if wrong!

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Titan Simulator or Warlord Simulator if it’s a simulator. Titan Siege, Warmonger, Titan Conquest, or Legendary Conquest if it’s purely level-based.

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my idea is
army level fighting simulator

Call it Conqueror but write it in a fancy font.

game idea looks sick
i can’t really get any good ideas as i usually get better name ideas for my games as i code them
have you got a prototype in the works?

nope just thought of it if u wanna, help me on it im looking for a scripter

They Who Wish Us Dead is a good name.

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i’d also love to help.

I’ll do it for free, but don’t expect me to work for a while. I usually move onto other projects 5 days in.
(PS: my code is spaghetti and i’m not the greatest scripter.)

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Greatly depends on the lore. If the enemies vary greatly, like you’re fighting zombies in one world and dinosaurs the next, then something vague is your key. If it isn’t, and there is a consistent lore, I’d aim for it to be lore related, and if you can’t think of anything good, do something gameplay related.

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Nice game concept
I give it: Squad Strike Guard, or just Squad Strike


sure add me on discord yonte#0264 and i cant even script to spaghetti is fine just at least it works!

I dont got discord. Got locked out for sending too many DMs and I dont have another email to spare.

DM me on devforum

-Not The Only Fighting…
-Visions Of A Victory
-Battles Between Worlds

I’m trying to make an original suggestion name but if you want to get people’s attention and be clearer, I think a simpler title is fine.