Need a scripter for a lockpicking system (10K R$)

San Junipero State Prison

We’re a roleplaying prison that is one a few that aren’t paid to win and actually want to immerse the plays in roleplay instead of being able to buy ranks and weapons

Right now it’s just me (tignif) building because the head developer is currently away at college

About The Job!

We’re just looking for a scripter who’s able to make a picklock for the sliding door script we have.

Sliding Door Example

More detail:

Like in the example it should destroy the tool if you fail (x) amount of times

Example how the lock pick system


We can pay 10k robux for the lockpicking system

Contact Me


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I am a script I don’t have a portfolio but I am working on it so if you would like me to be your scripter please contact me on discord: BanLloKei#1784 so I am looking up for it and have a nice day!

P.S. I know how to do does and anything else you need.

Why hello,

I’d be delighted to take on this task. If you’d like to contact me on discord it’s ɐɾuou#5235 (I know, it’s weird.) I’ve got a portfolio but it’s quite old and I’ll be updating it soon (I know it says closed but this seems like an easy task.)

Discord: ɐɾuou#5235. Thank you for your time…


I’ve sent you a friend request, reply when you have time. Again, thank you. xd

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