Need a scripter for an AI-related game [80k+ 20%]

Hey there Zed here. I’m looking for someone to help code a game related to user-controlled AI’s. There is a clean system setup for some initial things of the game but the main area of scripting will include:

  • UI commands that AI perform when desired
  • Melee Battle scenario with AI, doesn’t have to be pathfinding but visually smooth and lag free
  • Finishing the level/XP/datastore system
  • Player combat animation scripting/special effects
    Other things will include
  • Shops/inventory
  • Game modes
  • Small misc. items such as gamepass effects, developer products, etc.


The game will have a simulator type of concept, start off in the easy servers with low tier items/troops, upgrade to a more professional league.

80k will be paid upon completion of game in parts, complete first 25% get 25% of the robux, or you have option to wait until 50% to get 50% of the revenue. The 20% is for post beta launch updates/bug fixes, you can continue to make continuous updates on a quantity we would later agree on or receive set payments for updates.

I am currently in a collaboration with a seperate game and we are about to launch soon, which will additionally fund this game for a future release regarding advertisements and additional development support.
I personally engage in UI’s, game design, building, and moderate scripting. I will take care of all the other factors of the game that we may require as well.

If you have any questions, interests or have an offer, send me a message on Roblox @NewZednov or on Discord Zed
#6963 with any examples you may have.

Thanks for reading guys! :slight_smile:


I have sent you a friend request on Discord. Rezault#5867

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