Need a way to disable team create

I have this game that I was using a team create game. As it became more popular, automatically shipping at random intervals became really bad behavior because it would consistently ship broken builds. So the solution is to use a separate place for team create development and just publish to the live version whenever needed.

This generally works, but occasionally I will accidentally click edit on the main place, and if I’m not paying attention to the name of the window I may end up accidentally automatically shipping broken builds to the live game. This is a disaster, because you can’t revert a build without shutting the whole game down. So I have to scramble to fix whatever broke and hope I got it all.

This is an unfortunate situation caused by multiple missing features:

  • There is no way to convert team create to regular game
  • There is no way to stop automatic team create updates
  • There is no way to revert versions without shutting down the whole game

Ummm I’m pretty sure you can turn off team create …


This needs to be more visible :confused:





You’ve found out how to disable Team Create on the main place, but as for your other concerns:

This feature that separates the same game into production, dev, and test would probably alleviate the auto-update problem

Would phasing out servers that don’t have the same version number as the current version be an adequate solution?

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Also needs to be doable through the site itself, kind of hard to get into team create sometimes due to issues with loading times… and the only way to fix loading times (afaik) is to reset team create by turning it off, and back on… :confused:


TeamCreate really needs an external disable feature through the website. Often I can’t connect to TeamCreate, and there was a one-week period where nobody could access the team’s TeamCreate, and nobody could revert the place.

This means that we couldn’t fix a data issue without undoing all of the updates done.