Need advanced help with Fixing a Gaster Blaster System i've created

Okay so this is gonna need alot of explaining:

This is what i want:
robloxapp-20211024-2233398.wmv (231.9 KB)

The Code:

The Issue
Basically I want to clone and move this Blaster infront of the player, right now it works until I tried to fix the beam which was offset (by alot) and now

I’ve tried to many solutions and i know for a fact that
“goal.Position = beam.Position - script.Parent.Ball*Cframe…” doesnt work so I need someone to alter it so it does

My understanding of scripting isn’t good enough and I feel like im about to die
Send help

Btw the ball is the root part

if you need further information you cant ask
thanks in advance

tldr i need the beam basically infront and offset above of the ball because the blaster spawns underground, and i need the orientation and position of the beam to change depending on the balls orentation and position

game temporarily public so you can see the issue yourself, h to toggle the cam, clicking does an attack and f is the blaster Shhhh - Roblox instead of CFrame.New() on line 12.

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“CFrame Expected, Got Vector 3”

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Convert the beam.Position to a CFrame and it should work

Not sure what beam is but if beam has a CFrame property then replace beam.Position to beam.CFrame.

You guys gave me some pointers but I eventually solved it by having a seperate part rigged onto the blaster that gives the position of where the beam needs to be, then it was goal.Position = finalbeam.Position