Need Alpha Testing And Feedback For My New UNIQUE Game

Hello Everyone!

My friend @Marjuk and I have just completed our new game: World Adventure Obby. In this game you have the ability to rebirth, troll other players, gain pets, gain titles, and many more features! We are currently looking for any feedback on the game!

Here are some photos so you all can have a better idea of what the game looks like:



Lake Stages:

Bouncy Castle:

Lava Section:

The Cave:

Big Smile :slight_smile: :


Full UI (Including Settings, Skip Stage, Pets, Spectate, Trolls, Titles, and Shop)

Individual and Server Trolls:

Titles With Speed Boost:

Pet System With Jump Boost:

We are looking for any feedback so please don’t hesitate to reach out to us either through devforum, discord, or even the group. All the best :slight_smile:


Consider adding loading screen to hide it loading


I know this is unrelated but may you show me how you created your ui?


Sure! @TheAnonymousDev1 was the one who designed the majority of the UI so you would probably have better luck asking him. I could add a loading screen for sure.


It looks great, However all the UI’s look a little blankish to me and could use more color. an example would be the Titles GUI trophy would be yellow, Settings gear can be grey, and the Title select background can be blue or grey.

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So something like the Shop UI except with differing colors for each?


Not exactly, The color of the basket Object in the shop UI needs color, not the background. but backgrounds might look better with some color too. And another idea, Make it play a sound after clicking a UI. Also, the background music of the game is a little quiet. increasing the volume a bit would be nice, or you can also change it to something more attractive.

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Hi! Just took your advice. How do you like it now?

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Looks Great! The spectate ui eye should be blue or a different color. I feel as if the red doesnt match, but still its looks much better.