Need an ad for my game. (never mind)

Paying R$1,000 for my game Minnow Defense.

All I ask for in terms of design, is simple, but effective. Take a look at the simple thumbnail below, and make it somewhat like that. No exact because that ad failed.

I bet if you slap the word “Play” on there, it would increase clickrate by atleast 25%

With all due respect, but 4 corners seems like a very dull game on it’s own. I don’t think it’s possible to profit from this concept.

Who said anything about profit. The game itself will never generate profit. I’m more interested in getting regular players.

Can you play your game for hours without getting bored? Can you get your friends to do the same?


There are a lot of games that cycle through different minigames like spleef, freeze tag, falling platforms, etc. 4 corners isn’t exactly a minigame i would consider enjoyable on it’s own.

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As others have said, the issue might be with the game not the advertising. Not saying your game is bad, but unfortunately roblox isn’t the place for simple basic puzzle games (Usually).

In the past, I tried advertising my 8 Ball game, now the game wasn’t perfect, but it was good enough I thought, however it simple was too repetitive and boring for the roblox audience.

Regardless, there’s no harm in trying and gaining experience from the attempt, I mean, hey, I ain’t on front page, am I? What do I know. What I will say though, try sponsored advertising over the regular advertising, I personally find it works insanely better.

Good luck!

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