Need any suggestions and ideas

I need any ideas and suggestions how to make my main game better, because i have no idea what add to it. And i don’t know why players leave it too fast.
Here link: Gravity Coil Obby! 🔥[UPDATE]🔥 - Roblox
I will be glad for any idea and suggestions for my game.


So, at my first view, the map is pretty simple. The concept of the game is nice. In my opinion, you should add more decorative elements on the game spawn to make it more attractive for players to play. If each obby has a different level or difficult, maybe add a sign or something to let players know what difficult they’re going for. And perhaps build an Ui that contains the Shop, Setting and the feedback to look better. Apart from that, I find it really nice to play.


Before in game was sign but i removed them because look + - ugly.
Shop only gamepass shop, create shop in what will me “Money” will be too hard + i don’t know scripting.
About decorations, here too problem just no idea what decorations add. And i don’t think that players leave game because no decorations.

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nice to hear you need some suggestion of ideas
i play a roblox all very long to have expersience in games
and i test some games for people as you need some help
to make nice game expersience you can contact my

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Contact your? You didn’t finish the text.

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Thumbnail should look more entertaining, perhaps hire an artist to draw one for you that represents the game.

The game has low-effort design in textures so it’s really bland, the start of the obbies are very far away so to either hide it, you’d need to add some decorations around.

The game needs some chill/calm music in the background.

The Body rig should be R6 to make itself reasonably easier for players to do the obby.

The obby seems far too simple and pretty far boring. It feels like the fact that you’re on a gravity coil is not really challenging. You should use the fact that the gravity coil makes you jump high and you could make higher platforms or far away platforms or just walls hiding the platform that while you’re jump high you must get to it in time, there’s a lot of stuff you can come up to improve it.

Perhaps make water transparent and add a huge particleemitter with waves around the water.

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Loading the TOP Donator from the board doesn’t work, I donated as I see hope in the project. So is the NPC floating in the air btw.

The shop, feedback and settings UI is not really good and should change the looks to fit together.

Upon finishing the main obby you can only teleport ONCE out of the obby. So in case you teleport and die, you’d have to rejoin the server to do the obby once again.

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Every all music Roblox delete so now add any music and find music without copyright really hard.
To hire artist need money/robux what i not have.
What about obby i can agree but here also reason, i don’t know on what stage players “die” more and what hard for them.
Donation board bit broken bc Roblox removed smth.
I will try do UI look better.
“Upon finishing the main obby you can only teleport ONCE out of the obby. So in case you teleport and die, you’d have to rejoin the server to do the obby once again.”- You mean that “click to TP button”? (maybe click me button too can be problem for players who can’t read lol)

Music Jazz Category;

Music Calm Category;

Music Exciting Category;

If you need to, I can fund you 300 Robux for one. (We’d discuss this in private though to keep the topic)
And you can try to find some random Discord communities that offer help in doing thumbnails for free.
There are artists that do things free just to improve themselves in art design.

Mostly all of the obby is just boring as most of it is just going forward and jumping onto a platform each time. Two obbies are the same and one of the checkpoints is just completely unnecessary as it has a straight-forward path to the end.

Some obby parts have things like a cylinder that completely feels like it’s just another straight-line also.

Here’s some ideas;

The teleport at the end of the obby. Where there’s a sign letting you know that you can stay on that island or touch the yellow part to teleport back to the start. You can only use it once to teleport back to the beginning.

I think, how about to add texture from that new one (it no more new lol) baseplate? Bc it look cool and ig it better then without texture part, maybe.
Thanks for music i will try add music to game.
For ideas too thanks, but obby have no walls so i guess player just can “cheat” on stage, but i will try add smth like that.
I before created that obby too fast and not had ideas what add to it so add just random things… but ty i will try add that somehow (bc i not know scripting LOL) so here may be free models lol

So ig need rebuild all stages and winner place…