Need Badge Icons for Super Power Training Simulator

Hi there we need badge icons for :boom:Super Power Training Simulator

DM me your work, a link to a portfolio would be nice or reply it here

We can discuss payment privately. (I prefer that you give me a price range or a rate that you got)

We will double what you want if you finish before the deadline, if you finished after the deadline we will lower it by half

So for example

Total of 10K, you get 20K for finishing before the deadline and 5K after the deadline

Payment Method: Group funds

I’m Looking forward to working with you.


Closed for now

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Who made the specific map for the game?

It’s a Model we got from the ToolBox

I know what you are thinking

“What a shame it’s a Free model game”

well, me and sath are both Scripters and we don’t like building as much and not as good

not to mention that this should inspire other Devs and make them realized that using Free models can get your game to Front Page and isn’t a bad thing, if it was it would be against the TOS and the ToolBox wouldn’t exist.

As who specifically made the Model we don’t know it’s owned by many users and some were banned, we searched for the Builder so that we could award them with R$ but we could’t find them.

Huh, that’s actually pretty interesting. Other than the hypocritical “free model/toolbox/noob/reee” thing, it would be a lot more safer to actually not use them. People can just download the map, know where things are, make it easier to hack (you know the names of parts, their location, etc). Generally a bad practice :man_shrugging:, but you do you.

Going back to on-topic, what is the deadline you are aiming for? And uh, are application closed when you say “closed for now?”

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Yeah, but I have seen Jailbreak’s map in to ToolBox as well so I don’t care about it that much, I just focus on Server side security.

Yes it’s closed, because we are currently waiting for Results from the GFX artist we chose and if we don’t like the Result this thread will be opened again.

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Dm me here or on discord Tone#1498 i’d Love to create a map :+1:t3:

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