Need big help please!

Is it ok to use jailbreak vehicle models if its in the toolbox? or is that technically stealing assets? because I’m sure badimo didn’t put those models in the toolbox, it was probably exploiters…

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It in the toolbox to use it completely alright to be used as long as it isn’t private and use a exploit of getting it. However I would warn about the danger of having a virus on free model which could terminate you account.

That’s my point, I’m pretty sure badimo didn’t put it in the toolbox…

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He mostly likely did but, changed it private.

I would say that using any assets from another game even if its uploaded to the toolbox is a bad idea, Roblox moderation could easily acuse you of stealing them and you might get a ban or even a termination, not to mention the risk of viruses.

No, I’ve seen many posts of developers’ accounts being terminated for their game containing stolen assets, unbeknownst to them or not. Roblox holds you accountable for whatever is in your game so they’re well within ToS to term you for stealing those assets.

But their in the toolbox…

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Like what we said,

You could be accused of stealing assets.
And you can get viruses from the models

I would also like to add that it can lose you players, people dont really want to see other peoples work in games that they’ve had no assosiation in.

So while they may be in the toolbox it wouldnt always be safe to assume that its safe to use them.

Just to clarify, I meant only the actual model, not the chassis or code.

(I would be creating the chassis and scripting it, if I use them)

You could get banned for using the model too. But if you remade the model you cant get banned.

So put the model in bender, tweak it a bit, and done?

Uhh I really don’t think that’s how it works, I think you have to remake it not modify it because your still using the asset. If you don’t wanna get banned it’s best not to try it.