Need builders and scripters for a "Wizard of Oz" theme park and family resort



Hello. I’m looking for builders and scripters to join the development team of an upcoming “Wizard of Oz” theme park and family resort, “The Wonderful World of OZ.” The tasks will involve creating character costumes, morphs, attractions, games, shows, shops, eateries, snack carts/stands, etc.

Builder Skills

  • Advanced build style
  • Can create terrain (not using Terrain, but Parts)
  • Can create theme park rides/shows/shops/snack carts/eateries
  • Can build the theme park and resort’s “lands” (interrelated themed areas) and their attractions, games, shows, shops, eateries, snack carts/stands, etc., with the real-life project’s concept art as a reference

Scripter Skills

  • Can script UI’s
  • Can script rides, tools, characters, etc.

The scripter and builder roles will be allocated 45% and 40% of game revenue respectively.

Contact me on Discord at James76#2022.

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