Need Clarification On Discord/Third-Part Site Use On My Roblox Games

So basically you know how ROBLOX is a kids game and doesn’t really allow any third Party sites to be used in their game. For example, if you used something third-party to say ban a player in game, Wouldn’t that be against ToS and potentially get your account banned? So why does everyone these days uses discord bots to help with games. Is that allowed, and if so Why isn’t it against the ToS? Also, say if i used a discord bot for my game, would it be okay?

Also why is there a Discord Tag in DevForum?

A discord ban bot that bans players from your game isn’t against the ToS. I don’t see why it would ever be against the ToS. Many games use it, and there are many out there.

Regulars can make any tag they want. This is why there is a “Macawmangrovve12” tag. Whoever made the Discord tag must have be posting something related to Discord and thought it would be nice to have a tag called “Discord.”

This does not belong in cool creations as cool creations is for showing off work, not asking questions. It should go in Game Design Support.

Hope this helped :slight_smile:


Thanks for clarifying! Also, Dang must be cool to have your own tag.

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