Need Developers For A Simulator Game!

Need Developers For a Simulator Game!

  • Looking to get Developers for my game. Not much is needed but I’m mainly looking into the few that wish to put in the effort and bring quality to the table.
  • I am willing to pay if its needed and im willing to pay half at first and half at the end. Not all at first.
  • I am more willing to respond on discord so if you wouldn’t mind adding me there my discord is Ares#8723.
  • I look forward to talking to everyone and see you soon.
  • Payments will rely on the quality of your work you show and what else you’re willing to work for.

(Note: If I don’t respond on here, I’m probably at work. )


Please follow the format, it’ll make your post a lot more readable.

You can find a link to that format here.


I fixed it a little bit but im trying to make it sweet and simple. So for all the people who do want to help can ask me personally so they get a dead on answer. Thank you for the format though. It is much appreciated.


What is the simulator about? Is there a specific genre?

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More of older theme back in the greek times. I’ll tell you more on discord.

You may want to make it more clear on the forum instead of telling people when you have been added to a disc.

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Nah I’m good. I’m trying to keep that a secret. I personally don’t care if people add me. Just the actually meaning behind it I don’t want to keep open.

Whats the payment for this project?

hi MrDionysius,

Hi, I really want to help you to program/build your simulator, I can program leaderstats, saves, UI-shops, sell places, animations and more. Building is not my best thing, If I build it take a long time. I hope I can help you! If not, no problem.

scripter/builder: KDBgames

I am KDBgames#1252 on discord.

I sent you a friend request Im Berry#2587

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