Need Developers For my new game!

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About Us

Hi there! We are Obasan Studios, a small upcoming game development team. We’re looking for ,scripter,modeler, who is willing to join our team and work with us on our new game, Game Simulator!

The Team
@MrZackxs - Owner
@username - Scripter
@onrecords - Scripter
@Dev_AymanGR - Builder
@username - Modeler
@Dev_AymanGR - UI

About The Job

(The scripters) Will have to script the bosses,pets,shop,gamepasses,etc,(The builder) Will have to builders everything that needs to be built,(The modeler) will have to create the pets,hats,and the charcters,(Ui designer) Will have to make The UIs (GFX Desinger) Will have to make the gamepasses,badges,game icon,thumbnail,group icon

The deadline for the game is Around 6 months I don’t think it’ll take that long though.


The payment will be % But if the game fails I’ll give each dev 10k robux/75 usd

Contact Us


Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Hello I am Cozmo, I am a scripter. I currently have no portfolio sadly. I may make one soon, I just need to buy a domain.

I am not a fan of using dc for contact, I much prefer devforum.
Although, I will stretch to using it if required.
Can you dm me more details about the scripting job on devforum?

you dont need to buy a domain! Hosting A Portfolio Site For Free

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Hi there! I script mainly JavaScript and some Lua. I could defiantly script you a discord bot if you’d like!

Best Regards!

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If you need a builder, [PORTFOLIO] SamirIsNotHere's Portfolio


Hi i’m looking to take the builder position here is my portfolio
and my discord is Yassin#3789

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I can do your GFX! I’m adding you at HendricoMaximus!

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Would like to see game improvement or how its going so far.

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Mkay, got it. Now I just need to find what to put in it.

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sure , ill make my own portfolio soon :slight_smile:

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