Need developers for obby! (Falcon Games)

About Us

Hello there! I am the owner of Falcon Games, a small devlopment group that I hope to grow. I am no advanced developer but I do believe that starting off with a simple game will help!

Positions needed
@Stealthninja606 - Owner/Builder - 35%

@username - Builder - 25%
@Jaguar515_YT - GUI Creator - 20%
@Robin_Playzz - GFX Designer - 20%

Payments are negotiable.

About The Job

Builder - Able to construct basic obby assets and has good ideas.
GUI Creator - Able to make GUI’s for a shop and some other basic things.
GFX Designer - Able to make a good logo that includes our name.

The developers need to have an activity of at least 4 days a week.


I’m aware that many people do not like payments by percentages but the project is too new to be able to estimate how much the game will make.

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forums or on discord: Stealthy#5830
Age does not matter as long as you are mature.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


So is % guaranteed? Do you have a backup payment?

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So you don’t need any scripters?

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I am not that rich in robux so a backup payment is not an option, sorry. The spare robux will be spent on advertising and sponsoring.

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Ok, I guess I’ll take the job. I mean, nothing with % ever works out, but I like obbies, I’ll dm you on discord.

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I don’t believe I do as I’m only aiming for an obby. If you think that a scripter could help in any way please tell me.

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You don’t really need a scripter for the obby, it’s all basic scripting

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I agree with TOP, it basically needs 1 day max to learn all the stuff to make an obby if you try.

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It depends how advanced you want your obby to be scripting wise.


I’m interested in designing the UIs… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Im interested in the GFX Designer spot! Dm me on discord ROBIN#0001
Heres my portfolio [FOR HIRE] RobinBlox - GFX Artist, Builder & Modeler

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How much robux can you get for making just a group logo?

Hello @Jaguar515_YT add me on discord and we can discuss the job. Thanks.

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If that were all you wanted to make, depending on your skill level I’m thinking around 100 robux. Like stated above, payments will be from revenue so 100 is all I can give for one logo.

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