Need feedback about simulator game!

Noob Simulator!

Game Link: [BIG UPDATE!] Noob Legends - Roblox


A normal simulator game, need someone to find bugs and tell their own opinions for game.

Noob Simulator: Noobs are everywhere! Catch the noobs and buy pets and hammers! (Actually there is no hammers for now.)
Level up and open new lands to upgrade yourself faster!

AlperenMSL is my second account, am using this account to create my games. I hope you enjoy the game!


I tried his game and it looks fine. I think everything is beautiful

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It’s nice. And very good logo by the way!

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Nice game and nice colourful logo I think that will be great :+1:

  • Sav
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I’ll try to give you a feedback about the logo, so :

  • The render is too bright, we don’t really see anything if we look fast
  • The text font don’t attract the eye, you should change it to something like Bold Font, or something similar
  • I think it’s too much yellow, you should add a second color, like blue for exemple, and why not also green, because it’s the color of a “noob”, if you see what i mean.

Sorry i don’t have the time to test the game right now, but hope my feedback will help you about the logo…

Have a good day!


The game isn’t bad, however it’s pretty boring. I think there needs to be more stuff to do and look at. So far there isn’t much in the first area which probably will want players to just leave right away. Also hopefully hammer upgrades makes you faster in the future cause just walking around the map is super slow. Hopefully when the game is done it will have better improvements, so far it’s not bad for what it is so good job.

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Hey developer,

I think the game is doing just fine! I must say, the detail at the start wasn’t the best. It kind of made the game a little unappealing to me. I think you could add more detail to the start of the game.

I do also recommend adding faster running speed. The characters are pretty slow at the begginning for a pretty huge map. This is something I 100% recommend to add to the game. Overall, I’d rate the game an 8.5/10. Great job! :smile:

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