Need feedback for a game concept, should I keep working on this and see where it goes?

I’m a really big fan of Portal, especially Portal 2 as it’s one of my favorite games. When I first started making roblox games, my first attempt at a game was this messy game called Viscera, you would solve puzzles by pushing boxes and stuff around and killing enemies.

I’ve attempted to take the original name of the game and put it on something newer.

The mechanics so far are original but simple… If a game already exists which utilizes a version of my mechanics, let me know what it is so I can check it out!

You’ll notice a strange set of blocks, an impossible parkour course. You’re probably thinking, what in the world could this be used for?

Missing Parkour ( - Clip 1

After looking around, a small gray plate lays quietly on the ground.

Gray Plate ( - Clip 2

After stepping on the plate you notice that the world around has changed, and now you have the missing parts of the parkour. But how will you do the parkour if you have to step on the pressure plate to access it? Well, it wouldn’t be a Portal game without a Portal Gun, or a portal watch?

Time Travel (

After completeing the parkour, actually I think I’ll stop with the weird narration.

here is a box you can move around. and teleport between the future and the past (yes it is time travel, not the upside-down)

Viscera - Roblox Studio (

step on the pressure plate and find the box in the future because you just went to the future and left the past

Viscera - Roblox Studio (

You can also move the box, onto this pressure plate to open a door which, which you otherwise wouldnt be able to open in the future you can also see that in the future the door is blocked and impossible to pass, but in the past you can open it with the pressure plate. You can also see that transporting the box is also possible via the T-Watch (time watch)


final image of the t-watch

So what do you think? Does this project seem like something interesting to you? Should I keep working on this and what feedback or suggestions do you have?


This is quite nice! But personally, I think this is way too confusing, and very close to the original game, Portal.

There’s just too many things to do and eventually it’ll get boring. What I’d do would be to remove some of these game features such as time travel and such to get a much more simpler game.

Overall, it’s alright, I’d definitely would play this! Cheers!

Time travel is the core of the game, I cannot remove that, it is the reason I wanted to make this.

Besides time travelling what is confusing and hard to understand?

I have made the game public so you can now test it out for yourself. Equip the watch and press T to time travel, if you are on mobile you will not be able to play the game as intended.

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I think it’s a little confusing (having tried it) because of the whole stepping on the plate - and because you’re describing is as time travel (why would parts of the parkour be available in the future and not the past).

If you can get the “portal watch” to work - I think explaining it as moving between two dimensions that are slightly different would allow people to realise that it’s a puzzle you have to solve but moving to different bits and using your “portal watch” to change which dimension you’re in.

Separately, the box “pickup” is really bugged. It swings around while carrying it and is difficult to drop it without clicking really quickly and hoping you’ll catch it while it’s in view.

Also, when you change “time” the objects in the different timezone are visible before the visual effect starts.

I would defintely suggest progressing with the idea but you need to tighten up a lot of the coding and get the basics working.

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Litterally 5 seconds ago I just fixed the box issue lol!

box (

But yes I think I agree with most of your points. I think I will just call time travelling the fourth dimension or something like that instead of time travel, because as you said it doesnt make that much sense.

Also thanks for the feedback on being able to see everything before the teleportation is complete, I will change that rn!

edit: also i forgot to mention that the plate is something i made so you can travel without the watch, as in the original portal game, you didn’t have the portal gun for a bit so thats the purpose of it

edit 2: tp (