Need feedback for a low-poly gun model

Need feedback on this low-poly gun model

I am new on modeling. This is my 4th or 5th trying to making a gun model. Here it is,

PeaxTheCreator: Scripting on studio for 5 years and started to modeling. He wants to be a really good developer that can make a game himself.



The is a very nice gun. Here is an idea you could consider, make all of your guns similar quality (to this one), make sure to save the blender file for each one, then work on making your game, you can then go back and edit the blender file later then update the model in roblox if you want to try to make it look even better later on!


This is very nice gun! In what app you did it? Blender?

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That application is Blender. Also I agree it looks very nice for a low poly gun.


I apologize if im a little late, but I think it looks great. I definitely think you should add more detail on the sides of the firearm and in the back of the weapon but I like it!

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