Need feedback for my 1st game [Nex Tower of Hell]

Hi this is my 1st post on Dev forum, pardon if I make any mistake of choosing category of this post. I released my 1st game called Nex Tower of Hell in March 2024, and release updates regularly, after 3 months I am now satisfied to give farewell from this game.

I want your feedback and opinion on this game basis of monetization, name, description, gameplay and etc.

Please give your honest feedback in PRO and CONS format, so I can understand which feature of the game is good that I can implement in my further new projects, and which should be avoided


GAME LINK: Nex Tower of Hell [UPDATE] - Roblox



  • Game system itself works very well, and the game is very enjoyable
  • Despite the size, difficulty is very fitting and in my opinion scales well.
  • Lighting, music and build style all fit the same aesthetic as each other, giving a cosy but thrilling environment.


  • VERY VERY heavy with showing off gamepasses and items to purchase. Saw about 3 different ways to donate, shirts to purchase, items to aid me in the obby, nukes, admin commands, donations AGAIN. And this was all before I even started the first tower. I completely understand you gotta make some money back out of it, but there are very very considerable amounts. of advertisements to buy products regardless of where you are, and it even continues throughout the tower too.
  • UI does not match each other (see photos below)
  • (Referring to the mini obby) Falling into the void will teleport. you back to the start of the obstacle, but dying will return you to the main lobby instead, just something to consider.

Ultimately, I DO like the game, I just think for any future projects/games you might want to tone down how many products you’re selling. That was the main takeaway from me. Admittedly I’m not in the loop for making obby related games, so maybe that is what all competitors do too. Honestly, can’t say, but in my opinion it was just a little much.

Your core stuff looked really good and impressive, I look forward to seeing what else comes forward!

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Thanks Rory, for this organized reply. I understand about the monetization part of the game, but parkour/obby games makes least money as these games don’t have good retention so we developer tend to make lucrative game passes and developer products so we could earn with short span of attention and time.

In my future game, I will look forward to improve these “CONS” points and make games which make older audience fall back to love in obby/parkour games.

Also, I would like to know your opinion about the game “time played” reward system, we have added several gears in tower area which will be rewarded to player who play for certain time.

Additionally, please let me know feedback about the game’s icon, thumbnail and description

Thanks :heart:

I like you game a lot! Here’s some feedback I have for it though:


  • I like the gameplay of your game a lot! I felt like the difficulty was pretty consistent, where it never randomly spiked to being too hard, or just being too easy. Overall, the gameplay was fun, so keep it up!
  • I like how you kept the tower building pretty consistent. You never really changed the vibe of the place, and it just made it really relaxing and fun!


  • Monetization was basically everywhere, and it felt really pushy. I think @TheRoar176 explained it well enough, so I won’t go any deeper.
  • There were some odd badges there. For example, you get a tool if you stay in the game for 24 hours. I’m not going to lie, that’s a little extreme to stay in your game for 24 hours, just to get a measly badge and tool. Just found it a bit unreasonable to stay in a game for 24 hours, especially just to get a badge and a tool. That’s just my opinion though, but I think other people would find that a bit weird too.

Overall, you have a very nice game going for you! I like it a lot, and I hope it succeeds! Good luck on your project :wink:

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Thanks for your feedback, will work on the flaws :heart: