Need feedback if game is scary enough

Hey all, happy Halloween.

Can anyone give any feedback on my Horror Maze inside the game: Maze World! [Open Source] Original - Roblox

Is it scary enough?
What is scary and what is not?
Is the maze too hard?
Any other suggestions?

Note: I had another topic about the game itself, but it is closed now (don’t know how to reopen :slight_smile: )

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I would play it if it’s good quality and you made it with effort !!Cause it’s not halloween yet …

If I looked at world times correctly then it is already 31st in 7 places (out of 143) :smiley:

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game is spooky and fun, I can tell you put effort into it, and that effort clearly paid off, good job!

Thanks, that means a lot to me!

It’s a start to something like the use of sounds and realism, I just feel like you should add some spooky horror props to the lobby area the mazes are quite decent. You could try detailing the spawn area have props featuring what the game theme is.

While the game is good the pets don’t really have a meaning, you should add an area where you can click UI bar, that teleports you to other level maps to unlock them instead of walking to them. You might can change the ‘clocktime’ to feature a darker appearance with torches lit up in the spawn point; while there are people that play this sort of genre with its gameplay and features.

I’d say the UI is also a little unfinished. You could try throwing different elements, perhaps like giving players a flashlight instead of torches as it’ll set a more scary feel to it. Otherwise, it’s not bad; you could always give a simple tutorial for newer players Introducing them to the game play elements.

Thanks, that is very good feedback. These thoughts have come to my mind also, wasn’t sure what way to go. I even added more mini islands to one area, so I wouldn’t fall down when going to the higher Island :smiley:

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