Need feedback on HCZ halllways [SCP]

Me and my friend @DiamondMasterGaming1 are working on a SCP-RP game and now we want some feedback on the HCZ he built.



Honestly, the corridors look too square. Though I do like the pipes though it is a bit repetitive.


Well, It looks pretty nice, but you should give them like a curve, they are so linear. Also, the SCP Signs look so big, you should make them smaller. That open part of the wall is so big, if it is supposed to be an entry to a SCP, you should make it smaller.

To be honest, I personally do not like too much the Material combinations. The floor pipes and neons don’t look so good with the Slate pipes.

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Neon looks good in moderation, however here it looks like a little too much, maybe tone it down a bit?