Need Feedback on my build

So I’m making a new house, this is my second creation (not done yet btw) and I’d like to have your feedback on my current work. Are the colours… ok is the angle correct etc. Btw don’t hesitate to tell me what’s wrong, I need to improve my skills ! :slight_smile:


The windows are kinda basic I know but I like em like that ^^

You could put the material “Wood” on the roof and other wood. Even those windows are good, only you could do something with them so that they don’t look basic. Otherwise good work.

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Thank you very much I spent some time on it and honestly I’m proud ! For the wood thingy, Imma see… You may be right.

the build is almost perfect but the windows are completely black. make the windows transparent glass material and cover the glass with a black parts if you don’t want the inside to be shown for a nice glassy reflection and texture.

The round windows seem like they’re attached onto the wall instead of being in the wall… try moving them in a bit or maybe negating a hole in the wall for them.

Imma surrond them with stones, that’s why x)

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