Need feedback on my GFXs for portfolio

Hello! At first I wanna’ tell you my story

I had been doing GFX, scripting, building, modelling for 3 years and in 2022 I was banned.
My portfolio was on Talent Hub and I lost it.
Now I’m focused on creating a new one. Please give me your feedback and advice :slight_smile:

Talent Hub page

P.S. All the works in my portfolio were done in one day


It looks good, to be honest. I just found a couple of details that, if you changed it, would make it all more readable.

  • Make sure not everthing is in bold. Just the titles.

  • Put some more spacing in between titles and pieces of text.
    These all make the text more readable.

  • Try to tell a bit more about yourself. Maybe like 5 or 6 sentences. This way people get a clear view of what kind of person you are, your experience etc.

Overall it looks good. I would just try and improve on these points and it’ll be decent.

Thanks for your help, i’ve removed too much bold text and now it looks awesome!

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