Need Feedback on my Homestore!

Hey! My name is Avtixe! :wave:
Alright so, I’m a owner of a small clothing group which is going to be launched on March 29th (4 Days as in the 25th). Although before I launch, I would LOVE to get some feedback on the game! As in how you like the game, what you do not like, any improvements I can make, etc.

The Homestore: [RELEASE SOON!] Royal Prince Homestore - Roblox

If you kindly can answer these following questions while playing the game, it’d mean a lot and would give me more information which I need! :slight_smile:

  1. What are your thoughts of the game lighting?
  2. How long did it take you to find the 2 secret badges?
  3. Overall, from 1-10, what would you rate the game in?
  4. Did you find the Homestore interesting?
  5. What would you think would be nice to add in the Homestore?

And anything else if you wish to add on the feedback!
I accept any type of criticism to improve so don’t be afraid to send em. :smiley:

God Bless,
Have a nice day/night! :heart:

  1. I love the game lighting!
  2. I found 1 secret badge, but not the other. It didn’t take me very long because of the neon arrow pointing to the dumpster, lol
  3. I would rate 10/10! :smile:
  4. Yes, I did find it interesting. I love the city aesthetic, very unique compared to other homestores.
  5. I think that you could add a cashier counter of some sort to each store, just to fill up the empty space in the middle.
    I donated some robux, by the way! Only 5, so not a lot, but I hope it helps anyway!
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I like it in general, The lighting could use some improvements, I think I found the 2nd Secret badge, but was unable to enter into the area. I found them pretty quickly, I would recommend turning off shift lock for the game. It’s a decent 7/10, The homestore didn’t have a lot of actual stores, but the interiors need some improvement. Overall its good!

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Thank you very much for the informative feedback! Will keep those in mind! :slight_smile:
And very generous of you to donate to us! :heart:

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I’ll keep that in mind! Thank you so much for taking your time playing and giving us feedback! :slight_smile: