Need Feedback On My Nature Obby Game

I Have made An Obby game, yes it’s basic but I would like suggestions to improve it. Idk why people donot buy any gamepasses too so I would need suggestions on that too

Here’s the game link:


I came into the game pretty weary, but I was pleasantly surprised. The game itself doesn’t look too shabby and the obstacles were pretty unique. I’m glad it wasn’t just one of THOSE obbies. People probably don’t buy your gamepass because there’s not enough people. You can also try lowering the prices for more income. If I were you, I would try to stick away from free models as much as possible to improve my skills, but it’s up to you. Just be careful when using suspicious models!

Also Im broke so how should I advertize the game?

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First of all, lower the prices of the game passes.
250 R; 400 R; 200 R; It’s all pretty expensive considering none of the game passes are unique at all.

Secondly, I’d work on the UI as it looks quite random to me.

Thirdly, I don’t know anything about free models but the previous guy mentioned it, so obviously if you use free models - Don’t.

Fourthly, the map itself looks good but it’s honestly quite boring. To improve it, I’d recommend adding functionality to the different stages. For example, you had a stage with clouds, so perhaps make it so the clouds gradually fade away when a player steps on it and eventually disappear after a couple of seconds or so.
Another example regarding the rainbow stage, run a loop where a color is occasionally selected randomly. Have that part be highlighted to warn the player, and after a second or so, make it a neon kill-part.
Anyway, stuff like that adds functionality to the different stages.

Fifthly, I kinda previously mentioned it but make the gamepasses more unique. For example, you could have a game pass that unlocks different game modes for the obby.

Sixthly, lower the prices of the in game store. Personally I would make the current gamepasses you have purchasable with in-game coins. Add more stuff.

Other things I noticed:
-When you die and respawn, your character is pointed in the wrong direction (Towards the “spawn”)
-Bugged, random parts, etc.

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If you want help with the project, I can definitely help you script it. Free of charge, of course, just as a fun side project for me

The gamepasses definitely need refined. I agree with the others that they are too expensive, but also they are not unique at all.

The coils are boring at this point, they’ve been a thing for so long. You could keep the functionality and change the model so it seems more unique, for example balloon instead of jump coil.

Radio seems cool. Horse is way too expensive for what it is. The VIP gamepass needs a better description. All it says is “Get Vip Perks”, what perks do I get? I’m not dropping Robux on a gamepass when I don’t know what it does.

Improving the quality of the UI would help a lot too, that way people feel like they’re investing in a better game. You can remove the white backgrounds on the images quite easily, so it makes the game seem low quality and a bit lazy. The UI images also do not match well, giving low quality vibes. The shop especially is filled with many random icons that just seem taken from Google images. Try to make your own so they match better. There are many tutorials on YouTube for gamepass icon design.

Also the skip UI in the bottom left corner should be made a bit more obvious. I didn’t even notice it for the first 10 minutes and I’m reviewing the game, so I feel like a normal player might not notice them until they have already got stuck and left.

I think if you make these changes and advertise the game for more player visits then you will see more sales. If you don’t have money for advertising then you could try doing commissions for people and using the Robux on advertising.

Hope you find this useful and good job on the game!