Need feedback on new Builds I made

I need some Feedback on my Builds because I don’t know how good I am at building right now.

Here are 2 Builds I've made this week

Note: Only plugins including F3X were used. (NPC was just for scaling)

Please tell me how good it is on a scale of 1-10 and Extra Feedback
Thank you for reading! :smile:

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The first picture: To be honest, I don’t see much effort on that. You can try to add more depths or buildings in that. 3/10

The second: A bit more effort, try to improve the tree and decorate more around it. 5/10

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Thanks. I didn’t want to spend much time on the tree that’s why I didn’t put much decorations.

First one very basic but still very good maybe 5/10

And the second one lighting good didn’t see there’s paths maybe 6/10 if the doors open and close all give it 7/10 but I’m not really professional but yea overall 1 like for me

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Is this better?