Need feedback on pirate game before making ads

Hi I want to advertise my game but I don’t know whether it is good enough to be advertised.

My game is similar to Pirate Wars. It is an endless game about destroying the pirates on the enemy team.

Things to do:

Buy a ship and sail the seas.
Siege and capture forts to earn money.
Defend forts to stop the enemies.
Kill enemies with weapons for money.(Using melee or ranged weapons)
Kill enemies with cannons for money or sink their ships.
Earn money by buying cargo and selling them at different islands.

There is a book to read to find out how to play the game. Right side of the screen.
I would like to know if the game has enough content to be advertised. I want to know if it will lag on low-end devices. I would like some feedback of how the game can be improved. I would like to know if people would play it. I would like to know some good advertising strategies. (I dont have that much robux so I might not spend above a thousand.)

Have fun.

The game: Pirate Battles (MOBILE CROSSHAIR TEST) - Roblox


The game itself is looking nice and has a very distinct art style. I personally like this style a lot, but the game does seem to feel empty. The player is greeted by a play menu, and that’s it. No explanation as to what you are supposed to do, except for the handbook.

Here are some of the things that I saw about the game that could use fixing:

First thing that immediately catches my eye is that the countdown for clearing the map is in seconds (1700 sec I presume), which is confusing for the player.


The second thing is the Pirates Guide book has text flowing over both pages, so it is hard to read. Maybe you should consider making a tutorial?

Next, when you die from jumping into water, you are shown who killed you, but because no one did kill you but yourself, the UI shows the killer as nil.


Also the load times are kind of long on the proximity prompts, a player wouldn’t want to wait 5 sec to spawn in a boat for example.

Other than that it’s a good concept. I am looking forward to seeing the improved version :star: .


Is there a character customization thing?
I did not like my face when I spawned in :-1:
But the game looks good