Need feedback on sandbox tycoon things

with the end of my classes I have more (too much.) free time so I started building in roblox studio again

I just want opinions on what I could change to make them look good. (in every image i show the tier 1 to 3)

Inspiration: Probably a mix of Miners haven and Deep space tycoon



i honestly don’t like tycoons though i have to admit that those droppers look good compared to the trash free modeled ones.


thanks for saying that my droppers are good

maybe you have only played the ones copied 10 times but with different characters, some tycoons are really good

i do have to agree with that statement however most of the time I find tycoons boring.

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They look great. :slight_smile:

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Look good, however I would make the actual nozzle of the dropper more interesting, rather than just a glass part

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right. i will see if i can change it but some droppers never used it

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