Need feedback on small show build (WIP)

What do you guys think so far? I am messing around with smooth terrain trying to incoporate buildings into it.


I think your house looks awesome but the terrain is a bit uneven and the waterfall part has a bit too many parts I think you should re-model the terrain and give a couple of tweaks to the waterfall part. Hope this helps.


The house looks fine, maybe you could give the place a bit more life by adding natural elements like flowers, grass, etc.

I like the house, it’s simple but the terrain is a bit off and the waterfall, I suggest adding rock terrain around the waterfall, make it bigger too and make the terrain more bigger. Also add some vegetation.

Add some mesh grass (can be found on the catalog) around the house on the grass area. Looks good though :slight_smile:

House looks very nice, maybe work on the colour of the terrain and the positioning of the ‘Mud’. Great work!

Nice build,

I would just work on the terrain and make it more even.

The house seems scaled way out of proportion, but that may just be the camera angle.

I think the house loves nice, but the waterfall doesn’t really (fully) fit in if I had to say, the terrain looks rough but from the looks of it the terrain wasn’t your priority nor does the terrain look finished. So I’m guessing you just didn’t get to touching up the terrain? Either than that, the build itself looks awesome!

Very nice work i think the house blends with the environment pretty well id just try make the smooth terrain look a little cleaner and add some rocks plants tree’s etc for extra detail.